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Our Ridgeway Clinic

Our office, located in the diverse Austin Heights community along Ridgeway Avenue, is home to your team of highly skilled dental professionals.
With its bright and modern design, our office offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere. We prioritize your comfort, health, and safety with every visit. To achieve this, we consistently update our dental team’s skills and knowledge to stay abreast with the latest advancements in dental technology and equipment.
Free onsite parking and street parking is available on both North and South side of Ridgeway Avenue.
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What to Expect With Every Visit

Highly Trained and Certified Dental Professionals

We offer expertise in various dental disciplines, ensuring comprehensive care under one roof

Uncompromising Patient Safety

Strict adherence to industry cleanliness and hygiene standards

Transparent Fee Standards

We provide transparent pricing by either offering the exact cost of treatment upfront or the closest estimate possible for treatments involving external costs

Pro-active Preventative Care

We constantly monitor your oral health for the early detection of dental issues, enabling timely intervention and treatment recommendations

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